Support the new professional championship in entrepreneurship today and secure the skilled workers of tomorrow.

A commitment as a partner and primeur promoter of entrepreneurship is an investment in the young - our future! As an individual or a company, you have the opportunity to take part in building and promoting a new, dynamic world of entrepreneurship. The competition or professional championship in entrepreneurship, from selection (from March 2022) to the SwissSkills in Bern in September 2022, is a unique marketing and communication platform for you, which supports and promotes our vision of "establishing entrepreneurship in vocational and business education". You can be part of this journey. Take the opportunity, we have good reasons to do so:


For individual possibilities and questions about the partnership concept, please contact us without obligation.

Your contact:   Thomas Heimann    Tel. 032 626 24 20 


You can find the entire partnership concept here:

Download partnership-concept (PDF)

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