With commitment and organisational skills

The initiators and entrepreneurs behind the scenes ensure a smooth competition process and optimal execution.


Impulses and initiative

At EuroSkills 2021, the Entrepreneurship/Business Development championships were held as a competition for the fifth time. For this reason, in cooperation with and at the request of SwissSkills, we have decided to launch the Entrepreneurship category at the Swiss Skills Championships 2022 (SwissSkills 2022) and thus give young professionals the chance to also compete internationally.

Organiser and organisation

IG EntrepreneurSkills has overall responsibility for the organisation of the Professional Championship in Entrepreneurship. IG EntrepreneurSkills is an initiative of the Vocational Training Centre Olten (BBZ), the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH), FH SCHWEIZ and the Solothurn Chamber of Commerce. SERI and SwissSkills support and promote its implementation.

The funding of the project is designed as a non-profit project and is supported by renowned partners, organisations and foundations.

IG EntrepreneurSkills

Chair/President Andri Silberschmidt, National Councillor and President FH SCHWEIZ
Vice-President Georg Berger, President SDK-CSD Switzerland. Directors' Conference
Toni Schmid, Managing Director FH SCHWEIZ
Thomas Heimann, GZS GmbH / Solothurn Chamber of Commerce
Regula Buob, entrepreneur, start-up coach and trainer
Prof. Dr. Susan Müller, Bern University of Applied Sciences
Gérard Clivaz, Vice President SDK and representative Latin Switzerland


Project Team (Organisation, Experts & Jury)

Team Partnerships/Sponsorship:
Andri Silberschmidt, Thomas Heimann, Georg Berger, Thomas Schneider, Gérard Clivaz

Project-Team / Shopmaster / IT / Administration :
Thomas Heimann, Gian Heimann, Karin Seywald, Martina Meier

Communication Team:
Larissa Speziale, Claudia Heinrich, Selma Ajradini, Mathieu Ruchat, Karin Seywald

Team Experts:
Regula Buob, Susan Müller, Jan Keim, Anna-Leena Marti, Leandro Bitetti, Mathieu Gigandet, Arno Braun, Andrew Reid

Team Jury Selection Days:
Urs Olbrecht, Tim Couthierez, Mathieu Gigandet, Arno Braun, Romane Haldimann, Patrick Binder, Amadeo Disasi, Arno Luginbühl, Pascal Hollenstein, Leandro Bitetti, Rosa Butti, Nadia Stebler, Regula Buob, Anna-Leena Marti u.v.m.